Course Open
The Board

2017 - 2018


  • President -                 Mr M S W Sullivan
  • Captain -                    Mr S J Weeks
  • Vice-Captain -            Mr M Odd
  • General Manager -     Mr A S D Hall
  • Professional -             Mr J Gregory

The Board Of Directors Of Dartford Golf Club Limited

  • Chairman -                Mr F W R Meason
  • Vice-Chairman -        Mrs F M Henderson


  • Mr S J Gray
  • Mrs F M Henderson
  • Mr R Hennessy
  • Mr A L Linnett
  • Mr F W R Meason
  • Mr J W Mitchell
  • Mr I R Palmer
  • Mr D J Penman
  • Mr D J Spicer

Sub-Committees Of Dartford Golf Club (Chairman first named)



  • Finance - F W R Meason, Mrs F M Henderson, A L Linnett,                                     J W Mitchell, M S W Sullivan, A S D Hall.
  • Greens - D J Spicer, S J Gray, R Hennessy, M W Young, J A Gregory,                    A S D Hall.
  • Competitions - I R Palmer, D J Spicer, J A Gregory, R Hennessy,                           R P Harris, A S D Hall.
  • House - S J Gray, Mrs F M Henderson, A L Linnett, D J Penman,                            A S D Hall.
  • Membership - R Hennessy, Mrs F M Henderson, A S D Hall.
  • HR - J W Mitchell, S J Gray, A L Linnett, F W R Meason, A S D Hall.
  • Juniors - J Gregory.
  • Social - D J Spicer, D J Penman, S J Weeks, Mrs B A Coshall,                            Mrs H M S Flint, M T Odd, A S D Hall.
  • Discipline - F W R Meason.